Friday, June 20, 2008

I Guess That's Karma

I was intently watching the Woot-Off that began last night, and of course, once again, I totally missed the Bag of Crap. Dammit!

I thought for sure there'd be one more BoC, but alas, it was not to be. The last item was a 24-pack of Trojan Elexa Ultra Sensitive Condoms. I happen to be a Lifestyles girl, but I did a quick search for reviews in case I'm missing out on some hot condom action. (I am missing out on some hot condom action, actually, but it's mostly for lack of a partner rather than use of the wrong product.)

As it happens, Amazon was selling these condoms a while back and there were three reviews, each one worse than the last. The three-star review said it wasn't very lubricated; the two-star review said they were a little small (!); and the one-star review said TWO of the three condoms used from the package BROKE! Hmm, not good.

I considered putting a link to the reviews in the comments thread on Woot. But then...well, then I thought it might deter potential buyers, thus prolonging the time to the next item in the Woot-off, which I was certain would be a Bag of Crap.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the condoms were the last item of the Woot-Off. So I guess that probably serves me right for being so selfish. *sigh* I feel for the suckers who bought those small, dry, prone-to-failure prophylactics, though.

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