Monday, May 05, 2008

Crazy Time

It's been a little nutty around here lately, what with the accident and all. It couldn't have come at a busier time, as I'm trying to buy a house and getting ready to go on vacation. What is that saying, life is what happens while you're making other plans? Yeah, that about sums things up right now.

I'm sitting at my kitchen table right now in my big black office chair, which would be more comfortable if I wasn't sharing it with a very pushy cat who has decided he likes to sit behind me and snuggle around my elbow while I try to type. I can't complain; it's usually Cash that comes to harass me while I work or blog but Spike has decided to be my boyfriend this week. He's pretty affectionate and only has eyes for me, so it's not a bad sitch.

In addition to everything else, I'm going through some weird nesting phase and am cleaning my house like crazy. The Ex laughed at me because I told him he would be blown away when he saw my house...but it still looks like a tornado swept through it because as I clean, I leave behind piles of things to be sorted/shredded/thrown away/saved for sentimental reasons. I think it looks better than before, but maybe that's only because I can actually have meals at my kitchen table now (as opposed to it being one giant pile of old mail).

Speaking of that, I've hardly eaten out at all lately - with Michael's birthday dinner on Friday being the exception. I bought some groceries and have been enjoying coffee, cereal, and toast every morning, and hot dogs or turkey sandwiches for lunch and dinner. I actually even made bacon and eggs last night! (Brinner!)

The downside is probably that I've been a complete homebody, what with working from home and eating all my meals here as well. I'm looking forward to my visit with my family, which will be sensory overload, with constant talking and giggling and eating and non-stop people 24/7. Seriously though, it doesn't get any better than that. I can't wait.

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Deceon said...

Let's remedy this homebody thing later this week, say Thursday after my sesh with Melody. Also, I do not believe that you were up at 6:40 am eating breakfast - it's a lie I tell ya, a lie!