Saturday, April 19, 2008

'Q' is for 'Quack!'

After deciding I really wanted to make it to a hockey game this year, I waited so long to actually buy tickets that the regular season ended. If I wanted to see a game, I'd need to go down to Anaheim and see the Ducks in the playoffs against the Stars.

Not a problem! I'd never seen them in action, and only went to the Honda Center for the first time a couple of weeks ago when I went to see Springsteen with Masa. (Aside: wouldn't it have been awesome if they'd used the old name - the Pond of Anaheim - and renamed it the Honda Ponda?) I bought tickets online, and despite the high cost, especially when coupled with the ridiculously high Ticketmaster surcharges, it was so worth it.

I took the Ex with me and warned him we were in the nosebleeds. Our seats were in Section 416, Row U - the very last row. He was excited anyways, since he'd never been to a hockey game. But it turned out these were some of the best seats in the house! We could see every bit of the ice, and because nobody was behind us, we could stand up and cheer all we liked. It was so much fun. Plus we got free bright orange Ducks rally towels to wave around while we cheered.

We were right on the end of the row next to a die-hard hockey fan who answered all my questions. ("Why are they stopping?" "Does the net always move like that?" "How come we got a penalty and they didn't?" "What do I have to do to ride the Zamboni?") She was super-cool and taught me so much about hockey in one night that I can't wait for my next game.

Best of all: the Ducks won! 5-2, baby. Yay, Ducks!


Deceon said...

We'll have to get tickets next season if the Penguins play the ducks or the kings, so you can see a REAL hockey team play.

City Elf said...

real hockey? is that why the ducks won the stanley cup last year and the'T? ;)