Wednesday, April 23, 2008

'A' Is For 'Accident'

A motorcycle hit me today on the freeway. I am okay, but pretty shaken up. Bumpy, on the other hand, is quite traumatized and busted up.

More tomorrow.


Chromie said...

Oh my gosh! Where/how did this happen? Was this before or after we talked. I'm glad you're okay, but sad to hear about Bumpy. How is the cyclist? I was actually thinking of you when I was trying to navigate my way around a sigalert on the 134.


Deceon said...

I'm glad you are ok, sorry to hear about bumpy, but he is strong, he can come back from this too. I hope you are feelin ok today.

renee said...

who's bumpy?

~oh, and i'm glad you're okay too~

leila said...

Wow that would be scary! Glad you are ok. I think it is CA-razy that California allows motorcyclists to weave between cars the way they do on the freeway. Yikes!

City Elf said...

thanks, you guys. it was very traumatic, but it could have been worse.

renee - bumpy is my poor little car! and bumpy is also a she. :)