Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Boys

"OMG, what was that? Did you hear that?"

Things I love most about Spike:

* He is afraid of everything. Sounds. Movement. Changes in temperature. He's literally a scaredy-cat. It's cute, though.

* He's got super-long fur, which makes it look like he's wearing big fuzzy chaps.

* When I pick him up to hold him, he presses the bridge of his nose against the bridge of mine and closes his eyes.

* He has an unholy regard for my discarded clothing; he likes to nap on anything I leave on the floor while giving it loving stampies.

* He drools whenever he has a chance to be close enough to me to nuzzle his face into my hair.

* He has the biggest paws and the hairiest toes I've ever seen on a cat.

"Come closer. Good, now pet me."

Things I love most about Cash:

* He is in ecstasy whenever you touch him. He'll do anything to be cuddled. He stops eating if there's the possibility of being loved.

* He curls his tail into a question mark whenever anyone pets him.

* He's really clumsy, probably because he doesn't have front or back claws to help him balance. He falls off things all the time.

* If he thinks I'm mad, or if he's trying to get my attention, he'll roll around on the floor to flirt with me.

* He's utterly fearless. I have to get up and chase him if he's doing something naughty, because if I just raise my voice or hand as a threat, he's completely unafraid that I might follow through.

* He has tiny white patches of fur on his front paws that make it look like he has rhinoceros toenails.

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leila said...

I have a scaredy cat too. But my little coward looks more like your clumsy cat. :)