Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's Not Noise, It's Ambiance

I didn't realize until recently how much low-level noise permeates my house. My friends have mentioned that I live in a bit of a noisy 'hood, but I had to really stop and listen to understand what they meant. Here is a by no means complete list of the ambient sounds from in and around my house on any given day:

1. Bongos (my neighbor is "in a band" - she only knows two tunes)

2. A flock of crows that hangs out chattering on the telephone wire on my street

3. A toilet tank that runs about every hour or so (I should probably fix that)

4. My cats fighting in the living room

5. The kids from the unit behind me skateboarding up and down the driveway

6. Ghetto birds (on a good week, they only buzz by Friday and Saturday between 10pm and 2am)

Then again, I grew up across the street from railroad tracks, so I guess it would take a lot more than bongos and crows to really irritate me. I actually kinda miss the trains sometimes.

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Zee said...

Hey there. Found you through the NaBlo Randomizer. I never notice the sounds surrounding my building either until I have company. In fact, I forget there's a fire station just a block away most of the time.