Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 31

Man, this felt like a loooooong month and only partly because I was trying to do NaBloPoMo.

As you can tell, my enthusiasm for lists sort of petered out towards the end of the month. I realized that most of my lists are super-boring and do not deserve a wider audience. I still like lists, though.

I'm glad I participated if only because it forced me to write every day. I might use the theme for next month's NaBloPoMo (letters!) but I'm not sure if I'll post every day. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Anyhow, look for some more music-related posts in the next few days/weeks, as I'm on the hunt for good stuff and have found some cool videos to put up.

Happy End of March!


Marni said...

since today is tomorrow, how do you feel?

p.s. i memed you! your turn!

City Elf said...

tomorrow, er, today, i feel pretty good about it, especially since the theme is so broad. so i'm in!

and i'm working on the meme, it'll be up soon. i liked your seven! :)