Wednesday, March 05, 2008

City Elf Public Radio

I go through phases where I listen to nothing but one particular type of music (classic rock, reggaeton, jazz) or the same six CDs or nothing but news. For the past couple of weeks, I've been transitioning over from listening non-stop to hip-hop and reggaeton to a renewed and steady diet of NPR.

When I lived on the Westside, my public radio station was KCRW. However, now that I live in Pasadena, I can't catch KCRW on my stereo. Plus, KPCC is local, so I've mostly been listening to 89.3. I actually really like it, especially because they do a great job of covering local Southern California news.

Unfortunately, I don't want to listen to music in the morning (KCRW) but also am not a huge fan of Larry Mantle or Patt Morrison (KPCC), which means I can't stay on one station all day. So at work, I use iTunes and switch back and forth from KPCC to KCRW Simulcast and KCRW World News. I have a dream that at some point, I will have my own public radio station and program it thusly:

Oh, and I'd have some non-news-oriented programming:
And though I prefer news, everyone needs music:
Hmmm...typing this up makes me realize I need to become a member today!

* UPDATE: Today (3/6/08) was the last day of the KPCC membership drive. I joined!

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