Monday, March 03, 2008

Bonus Post!

Because I ate at home tonight! And it was yummy!

* Main course, from the toaster oven: an English muffin, topped with Boar's Head pepper turkey and Muenster cheese

* Amuse bouche: Several fingers full of Nutella, which I keep forgetting I have in my cupboard, leading to delighted exclamations every time I find it (note: do not eat Nutella at my house, I never use a spoon...and even if I did, I'd totally double-dip)

* For dessert, also from the toaster oven: A slice of wheat toast topped by peanut butter and honey...oh my good, even though I ended up with melted peanut butter and honey all over my hands

* Beverage: But of course, a Diet Coke

My stomach is so happy right now.

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