Thursday, February 07, 2008

in between

i see clearly now that i am most alive in the in between

the space and time that is not this or that but something else entirely

the delicate blue not-quite-twilight that arrives suddenly between the summer afternoon and evening, when all is quiet except for the birds sleepily calling out memories of day and the cool breezes rustling softly through the eucalyptus leaves

the deep black-blue moment that takes place as one day slides silently into the next and the stars pulsate in the sky like hearts made of diamonds

the soft blue-grey before the dawn, when i feel like i am spying on the world unfurling slowly, awakening to my waiting and watching, my breath icy puffs floating in the air

these are the moments when i can hear the blood in my veins

when i am outside of myself and yet connected to you

the in between

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