Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girl Talk

Conversation over lunch with three of the assistants in my office. Initials, no names, so as to protect the (semi-)innocent.

N: You know, Joe's cousin thinks you're really cute. He keeps asking about you.

J: I thought you said he was ugly.

N: (pauses) Well, he's really nice. And he could totally fix your car.

J: (thoughtfully) My brakes are shot.

Me: Mine too! Go out with him, hook a sista up.

J: Could he get the dents out of Bumpy for City Elf?

Me: Could he get me an iPod adapter?


S: Wait, is this guy actively ugly?

Me: Or just passively unattractive? J. is very pretty, I don't want her dating down just to fix our cars.

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