Friday, April 06, 2007

City Elf-isms

For your enjoyment, a short list of my favorite and/or most overused words and phrases:

1. That's the worst! (as an exclamation when something goes wrong)

2. Hijo de la puta! (a curse upon another, essentially calling someone the son of a whore - best used while driving)

3. Bitch's tit! (exclamatory curse, as opposed to insulting curse, usually used when I'm surprised or injured)

4. That's the best! (inverse of #1)

5. Look with your hands, not with your mouth. (admonition to people who ask me where things are when they could find them if they moved shit around)

6. Charlie (slang for cat)

7. Total yum! (obvious)

8. Hiyo! (slang for hello)

It seems my life is for the most part punctuated by exclamation marks!

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