Thursday, March 29, 2007


Back when I was in high school, I was a middle-distance runner, which may come as a surprise to those of you who know me as a limited-distance walker, that is, from my bed to the refrigerator.

At any rate, I ran the half-mile, which was a stupid choice on my part, because quarter-milers got to run with the sprinters and had total pussy work-outs, whereas half-milers ran with the distance runners and did a minimum of 7-10 miles a day in morning and evening practices. I have to admit, it gave me awesome legs for many years after I stopped running, but it was a total bitch to be running for what felt like forever only to realize you had THREE MORE MILES TO GO. Dear God, the burning...

Anyhow, occasionally, we did what we called "The Shortcut," which entailed us running about two miles, then diverting to the local Dairy Queen for ice cream, and then rolling back to the high school as a pace that got us back at roughly the same time as our usual run would have done. I have fond memories of the Dilly Bars, sundaes, and Blizzards we consumed on these rare and joyous days.

I bring this up to mention in my own roundabout way the sad fact that DQ has decided to change their logo from this:

to this:

Why must they fuck with my beloved Dairy Queen? If the next step is to stop carrying marshmallow sundae topping, I will not hesitate to begin a campaign of civil disobedience! Beware, DQ corporate minions!

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