Monday, May 15, 2006

The Sorry State of Grocery Bagging

Sean Bonner and I apparently have the same complaint, which is that no one knows how to bag groceries anymore. (Not like back in the good old days when Sean and I were working at grocery stores, walking uphill both ways through the snow to get to work, no doubt.)

When I was a cashier/bagger, I had to learn the anal retentive way of bagging groceries, but it served me well. When I bag my own groceries, it is a thing of beauty. When the Ralphs bagger does it, my bread is crushed under a can of diced tomatoes and a bottle of Woolite.

For those of you interested, here are the official City Elf "Five Rules to Bagging Groceries":

1) Don't make the bags too heavy. Build a base of large boxes and/or cans and work up to lighter items, like pasta or Pop-tarts. (Mmmm, Pop-tarts....)

2) Cold items go together. Please don't put my deli rotisserie chicken and my ice cream in the same bag.

3) Crushable/breakable items on top or in their own bag. Especially my eggs, since I prefer to scramble them myself at home, thank you.

4) Household cleansers or health & beauty items in a separate bag, or at least in a plastic bag before being placed with food. Lettuce does not taste good when it is covered with shampoo from that leaky bottle.

5) If something has a handle (like a 12-pack of Diet Coke or a gallon of water), it probably doesn't need a bag.

There you go! Everything you never wanted to know about grocery bagging. Consider this my public service for the day...


biro said...

Thanks! You probably just posted it for fun, but I'm a teen going to start her first job at a grocery store in a few weeks. Most of this was just common sense, but I wanted to make sure, so I've been looking it up on Google and found your site.

mary said...

Glad at least one person found this info useful. We were actually trained how to bag groceries properly, but back then there were square brown paper bags. Almost impossible to use those ever getting smaller plastic ones.

Anonymous said...

Yes, cold items go together; however, PLEASE stop putting raw food with deli food or produce. Bacon with grapes? Raw chicken on top of milk jug? I even go to self scan checkouts to avoid others bagging my grocery so I don't have to teach, ask, or confront a store bagger.