Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Crazy Dreams

I am a hard-core dreamer. I dream almost every night and my dreams are vivid enough that I wake up laughing or crying or angry at someone who did something in my dream that they would probably never do in real life.

This past week has been particularly dream-filled. I had one dream that a furious chipmunk ran up my neck and was chittering angrily at an equally furious squirrel on the ground. The squirrel proceeded to throw a large walnut at my head in an attempt to bean the chipmunk and then race up the front of my body, over my head, and start a fight with the chipmunk. I don't know where that one came from, but I am vaguely frightened of squirrels ever since one of them got too close to me in our yard a few months ago with a rabid look in his beady little eyes.

I also had a dream that I was in a mattress store (?) and FMC came in with his best friend Matt. The two of them started chatting up these girls in the store while I fumed silently, though they didn't notice me. The guys left without seeing me, but as they were walking past a window of the store, I saw FMC say he was going back in to get one of the girl's numbers. He walked back in with a notebook and a pen (like a reporter or something) and as he started to get her number, I flew over to him and started screaming at him and threw my engagement ring in his face. Then I woke up. He found that one a lot more amusing than me and asked if he looked "hot" in my dream.

A couple of nights ago I had a really sad dream that something awful happened to my sister Sandy and her husband. I was sitting in a car weeping, saying over and over, "I want to see Sandy, I want to see Sandy!" FMC woke me up because I was sobbing into my pillow. It took a while to calm me down but he was quite patient. He's sort of used to these waking dreams at this point.

The funny thing to me is that FMC claims he almost never dreams. I can't even imagine sleep without dreams! How boring would that be?

I am curious about how many people don't dream, or dream in black and white (something I have heard that some people do). Also, does anyone have recurring dreams? I never do, though I have recurring natural disaster dreams. Maybe I should stop eating pizza before I go to bed...

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