Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Caltrans Is Your Friend

Caltrans has implemented a pilot program to use the electronic freeway signs to let drivers know their commute times. It's starting out on just 14 signs in Southern California, but if it's successful, there are plans for expansion to all 120 signs in the region.

This paragraph from the Los Angeles Times story made me laugh:

On the westbound Santa Monica Freeway in downtown Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, a flashing sign told motorists that the drive to the San Diego Freeway should take 10 minutes. The sign was so jarring that traffic nearly came to a halt as motorists slowed to read it. But past the sign, congestion cleared, and the trip actually took about seven minutes.
I think people were just shocked to see the signs put to good use. After all, they've never really given helpful information to anyone but Steve Martin.

Locations in the pilot program:

Eastbound Santa Monica at National Blvd.
Eastbound Pomona at Indiana St.
Southbound Ventura at White Oak Ave.
Southbound Golden State at Broadway
Westbound Santa Monica at Western Ave.
Northbound Hollywood at Melrose Ave.
Eastbound San Bernardino at City Terrace Drive
Northbound Harbor at Pacific Coast Highway
Northbound San Diego at Lakewood Blvd.
Northbound Golden State at Stadium Way
Westbound Century at Lakewood Blvd.
Eastbound Century at Van Ness Ave.
Westbound San Bernardino at White Ave.
Southbound Golden State at Terra Bella St.

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