Sunday, June 05, 2005

My Life and Welcome to It

So, once again, it's been eons since I posted. I've thought about posting, really I have, but haven't done it for a number of reasons.

- I quit my job, as I mentioned a while back, and have been sleeping in late and reading a minimum of one novel a day instead of doing anything productive.

- I was supposed to move into a sublet in North Hollywood on May 28 so I was busy packing.

- SUPPOSED TO MOVE. As in, did not move. As in, the sublet was a shady deal by a complete twat who was overcharging by $300 a month for the apartment and despite her word that she had spoken to her landlord, she actually hadn't. So four days before movers were scheduled and the very day I did a change of address, I found out that I would NOT be moving at all because she was a lying, stupid bint. I did get my money back. My mail delivery is all screwy because it is really, really hard to un-change your address. Thus, last week was quite stressful.

- FMC has moved out. I suppose I shouldn't call him FMC anymore. I guess he'll have to be The Ex. There's nothing horribly traumatic or awful to tell; sometimes things just don't work out, you know? We were together for three years and things just kind of fell apart gently and slowly. We realized we had different visions of the future for ourselves, visions that didn't include both of us, I guess. I'm alone again and the apartment, which seemed so small before, seems large and empty.

My friend J says that this is my Saturn return, a time of life changes. I hope at least some of the changes will be happier than the ones of the past couple of weeks.

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