Friday, April 15, 2005

I Quit!

In my last post, I mentioned that I quit my job. If you are a dedicated City Elf reader, you know that my boss, Nutsy, has been making my job a living hell for the seven months since she came on board.

For the sake of full disclosure, I should mention that I applied for her job. I was a finalist for the position, but the decision was made that we needed someone with management experience, which she (allegedly) had. I wasn't bitter that I didn't get it, though I was - of course - disappointed. However, since I enjoy(ed) my job and my co-workers, I decided to stay. After all, management seemed to think she was the bee's knees, so I would probably learn a lot from her, right?

Oh, how wrong I was. (And how wrong management was.) She quickly proved adept at abusing her perceived "inferiors," who apparently included the parking attendants in our underground garage, the people who work at the cafeteria downstairs, her administrative assistant (and incidentally, one of my beloved friends), and the host at the Olive Garden. I had a pretty good handle on her awfulness within a week, but everyone urged me to give her more time. "I hate her," I told my therapist. "Hate is a strong word," she told me. "Not strong enough," I grumbled. My career coach, a wonderful woman, told me that Nutsy just needed to time to adjust to the bureaucracy of our workplace. Even my friends told me to give her a chance.

It didn't get better. If she bothered to show up for meetings, she was late. Most of the time, she cancelled or rescheduled, usually without bothering to notify the rest of the meeting attendees. A mutual friend had told me Nutsy was excellent at delegation. And indeed, she has delegated every single assignment she has ever received, from preparing agendas, budgets, and memos to looking up simple facts in readily-available files. She doesn't know how to use Word or Excel or even Outlook. I have never met anyone as completely and utterly lazy and incompetent as her. Plus, she never combs her hair. That drives me insane.

Perhaps I could have lived with these things, but then I started getting terrible headaches and waking up grinding my teeth. A trip to my doctor revealed high blood pressure. High blood pressure! The woman is literally KILLING me.

Believe me, no job for which I am qualified is worth dying for. I quit the same week. In less than a month, thank God Almighty, I'll be free at last!

I can hardly wait.

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