Monday, February 21, 2005

LA's Best Election Coverage

I read the Los Angeles Times every day but I don't feel the staff really exerts themselves covering local races. Rick Orlov's column for the Daily News is required reading, but I always take the rest of the paper's political stories with a grain of salt, knowing their historic conservative bias. (That being said, they still have more, and better, local political coverage than the Times.)

Where to turn? Well, this year, the LA Weekly's writers are flat-out kicking ass with their pieces on the mayoral race. The profiles of the five major candidates were unique in that they gave me new perspectives about each man and told me something I hadn't heard or read many, many times in other news sources.

And the best piece so far on the race is Bob Greene's "Babbling Idols" - if you're at all a local news junkie, you'll be laughing hysterically. And if you're trying to make the city a better place, you'll probably cry a little, too.

Keep it up, LA Weekly. You guys are rocking my world.

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