Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Revolution Resolution

I've decided that the only way to keep this blog alive is for me to change its purpose. Originally, I wanted to write a sassy little piece each day about L.A. living and local politics. I thought I'd have this kick-ass site about being an Angeleno.

Well, given the time I wake up each morning (quite late) and the amount of time I spend dicking around at night (a lot), and factoring in that I don't post from work, there really wasn't too much exciting news for me to share that wasn't already easily found elsewhere, which made me not want to post just to recycle old information. Plus, as some of you may know, I've been writing for LAist, which saps all of the interesting "out and about in the big city" stuff from me before it hits this page.

So, rather than pressure myself to write about life in the macro sense, I'll be writing about me in the micro sense. It's a boring little life, but blogs are meant to be parochial, introspective, and solipsistic anyways, so there you go. I'll probably have my own rants and raves on life in Los Angeles (traffic is horrible, there's not enough good Chinese food, and people keep letting their dogs poop on my parkway) but mostly I'll just let you in on the secret world of the City Elf. Hope you like it - come back soon.

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