Wednesday, November 10, 2004


We had an amazing, amazing time in Seattle. We left way too early in the morning on Friday, which made me crabby at the airport (big surprise.) LAX needs more *#%@! security screeners. There were like 500 people in line outside to get into the airport to go through security, no joke. It was totally ridiculous. We were finally pulled out of line by a surly airport worker because our flight was in 30 minutes and made it into the terminal on time for our flight.

We arrived at Sea-Tac and took the Gray Line shuttle to our hotel, the Madison Renaissance. We were starving, so we headed to Pioneer Square to seek food. We stumbled into a Creole and Cajun joint, New Orleans, in a hunger-induced daze. Almost as fast as we ordered, we were brought corn fritters (little cornmeal pancakes) that melted in the mouth. Future Mr. Cityelf was all for asking them to just keep the corn fritters coming, screw the rest of our order, but I convinced him that wasn't the best idea. The food came quickly enough - he had the shrimp etouffe and I had a Cajun burger; both came with red beans and rice and completely, delightfully satiated our hunger. To boot, I had a great pint of beer: Mac and Jack's African Amber. Perfectly smooth, slightly citrusy, dark amber color, and with quite a kick. We ended up napping for several hours back at the hotel after lunch.

We finished off the night with another heavy and heady meal at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Yes, we could have gone to the one down here in Beverly Hills, but this one was across the street from our hotel and future Mr. Cityelf hadn't ever been, so we headed over. It was actually much nicer than the local Ruth's Chris, less snooty and with more of a steakhouse feel with dark wood and low-lighting. The service was wonderful and the steaks were, too. We had cheesecake for dessert, along with really good coffee - in Seattle, go figure.

I haven't uploaded our pictures yet but promise to get to it before the end of the week. More on the trip tomorrow.

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